A mushroom
identification app

For the past few years I've been learning about mushrooms and mushroom identification. Along the way I've used a number of different mushroom identification websites and apps. Overall these resources provided excellent information but were lacking in the right UX and UI needed to connect the user with a positive ID.

Research and Development:

I set out to create an app that combines strong UX with good data in order to make the process of sifting through thousands of possibilities efficient and conclusive. I started by creating and conducting a survey among the members of the New York Mycological Society and others interested in learning about mushrooms. I found most people had a similar experience with mushroom identification websites: They used them, but only felt successful 43% of the time. I also found that very few people looked to apps as an identification tool, using them only 10% of the time.

The app is currently in development based on my surveys, interviews, affinity mapping, competitive analysis, sitemaps, user flows and wireframes. I'm now prototyping the visual design.